Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Starting summer


When I asked about the "Gin + House-made Tonic," our server said that it was a bit lighter and fruitier than the regular stuff (probably on account of the grapefruit pulp), which made the drink "girlier."

I didn't know I'd been drinking like an old man.

So I ordered the special and found it a bit too flowery for my taste. When the server came by to ask how it was, I had to admit, "I think I like 'em dirty." So she brought me a regular. And all was well again.

We scoured the menu -- all three items -- for something to snack on, but all they had was "fries" (a cross between a potato wedge and potato skin; no thanks) and "puff chips with Thai salsa verde." To her credit, the server tried enthusiastically to make them sound really exotic.

"You mean the spongey, crispy, shrimpy ones?" I asked.

"Yes! That's exactly it!" she said.

"Uhm... the kind we grew up eating...?"

"Yeah, I guess so... Sorry."

"No worries. We were just looking for something a bit... different, is all."

We ended up ordering the "chips," for lack of a better option. "See? We don't hate our culture," I assured our server. And I must admit that the "Thai salsa verde," whatever was in it, was quite good.

All in all, though, a spontaneous happy hour with an old friend was a marvelous start to the summer. And said friend having experienced the merits of public transportation now that the Expo Line is open, such spontaneity may be the summer trend.