Thursday, January 14, 2010


Since I started blogging I have taken my point-and-shoot camera everywhere.  But since I started doing Project 365 this year, I've learned the difference between having it and having it ready.

The other morning, on the bus into work, I looked up from my knitting when I heard some sirens.  I saw a man standing outside of a lopsidedly parked SUV, hands raised, and no less than six guns pointed at him by police officers from behind their doors -- like you see in the movies.  It was crazy.  Why do people think car chases are fun?

Then, at City Hall, we passed a large film shoot -- darn, another missed opportunity. (But those abound; this is LA, remember?!)

In any case, I am taking pictures throughout the day, but am saving the one I post to the group pool not only for the best picture in terms of quality or composition, but one that reflects something unique I did that day.  My goal is to get better acquainted with my DSLR, in addition to having a nice memento of 2010.

One of the group rules is to do a self portrait on the 15th of each month (SP15).  Tomorrow's the first.  I'm thinking about the photo I want to take, and looking forward to seeing my friends' entries!

I'll do my best to continue posting here, although, admittedly, posting pictures on Flickr and writing my short descriptions uses up quite a large portion of the blogging mojo.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, new habits

I'm not much of a movie goer. (I can remember the time I went to see Pirates III and realized that the last time I was in a theater before then was to watch Pirates II.)  Never have been.  Not much of a DVD watcher, either.  If I feel like watching one, it'll come from the small collection of films I don't mind watching over and over (Amelie, Cinderella, Pride and Prejudice, Pirates I, Tombstone, anime by Miyazaki).

So seven or eight new movies over a fortnight is quite uncharacteristic!  But since DC and I discovered DVDPlay at the local supermarket, it's been really easy to watch on a whim.  We did go out to see Sherlock Holmes the day after Christmas (my girlfriends in disbelief).  That was sandwiched by the following, at home:

  • Julie & Julia

  • Die Another Day

  • Secret Window

  • Star Trek

  • Office Space

  • Riding Giants

  • Friday Night Lights

Pretty eclectic.  First time for me to see all but Riding Giants (my brothers are surfers); DC graciously re-watched a lot of movies (thanks!). 

I won't be binging on movies like this again in the foreseeable future, but it's nice to know that, thanks to DVD rental kiosks, siblings' collections, and a goal to go to the theater at least once a quarter, I will be well entertained in 2010.

Hope your New Year celebrations were equally enjoyable.