Monday, March 30, 2009


I have been in this apartment exactly three years, seven months, and three days. It's been a good time -- the longest I've lived in one place as an adult. And although I like the place itself, I'm not down with the roommate thing any longer. It's time to grow up, time to be on my own, time for change. *nods resolutely*

Moving is one of the biggest change-bringers that can happen to someone (or that someone can enact), don't you think? Knowing that, and knowing myself, signing a one-year lease brought my commitment issues to the fore. But now that it's signed, I am -- ironically -- feeling quite free. The lease will automatically become a month-to-month contract after one year so I'll still have the option of continuing to live in the apartment. But I will also have the freedom to find another place if I feel like it, or if life moves me elsewhere. In that regard, the one-year lease has come to feel like a countdown.

Before I start, however, I feel it fitting to post about the place I'm leaving. I dug around in my photo archives and found these from last year. I took them to post on Craigslist when I was looking for a new roommate. And because I always limit my CL searches to the ones with photos, I did my best to take photos that I'd want to see if I were looking for a place. What do you think? If you saw these pics, would you want to live here (or at least see the place)?


Living room - The sofa and coffee table that I lurve. (My brother is keeping the matching loveseat for me.) The square table is from Ikea and was my former dining table, until I decided that my guests and I need more back support! The leopard pillows were sewn by my BFF, Myko. The octagon table was inherited from another BFF, M2. The lamp is stolen a gift from my parents. The zabuton (floor cushion) and dish are from Japan. So nice to be surrounded by the things one loves!


The LR from another angle. Those eastern windows bring in a lot of morning light! Here you can see my dad's flatscreen, which is such a delicious upgrade from my old TV (covered in sarongs in the corner, and since given away), both in appearance and resolution quality. Over to the left you'll see the microwave and toaster oven on a cart (w/o wheels) to free up counter space in the kitchen. I sold them all to my roommate when we parted ways. I now have a hand-me-down toaster oven, but am trying to live microwave-free. The red and white bag is really strong because it's made of woven packing strips! I got it in Vietnam. It's the best thing for carrying beers and bottles of wine.


From the LR looking into the dining area and kitchen. The dining set is the only furniture I've ever purchased. I got it from Craigslist. Unfortunately, it's a reproduction and not a vintage 50s set. I also got the bike from CL; it's from the early 70s, older than me! Maybe one day I'll actually ride it...


Here's a view from the entrance, looking through the kitchen into the dining area. It was hard to really have any sort of theme in this space since I couldn't do anything with the cabinets, but I appreciated that they were plain (no hardware or carving). I accented all the brown by lining the shelves in red (even though it was't visible), putting a red rug under the sink, and having a red kettle and red towel rack. Brown and red is a nice combo.

I'm looking forward to the new configuration of these pieces in my new apartment.  And I'm looking forward to the fresh start of moving.  See you there!

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