Friday, April 30, 2010

A short sayonara

[apartment, emptied]

I took today off to ensure enough time (and energy!) to finish well before handing in my keys.  Got there about 10:00 to pack the last carload and get my clean on, with a midday appointment for the final walk-through.

The landlord arrived first, with his handyman; his wife came about 15 minutes later. I was still cleaning the stove (baking powder works like a charm!) and giving the kitchen cabinets a last wipe-down.  They didn't stay long, and from what I could make of their conversation, were preparing for the new tenant.  That's cool.

I came downstairs about an hour later, and my landlady was ready to give me back my full deposit, plus some extra for the bathroom mirror I added.  Wow, that's never happened before!  She said goodbye and good luck, I got in my car and drove off.  And that was it.

It was so brief.  Yet so... final.  And I make that observation because the very reason I'm leaving is in order to prepare for a lifelong relationship.  A kinda interesting contrast.

Fresh out of college, or soon thereafter,  or years after, I would have written a very melodramatic post about such an incident.  But age, experience, and being closer to God leave me okay with relationships that come to an end (though I suppose the contractual, business nature of this one is less emotional than the end of a friendship would have been).

I no longer feel the need to chase after people, to keep in touch with every single person I ever met.  I like being free -- in both my heart and my calendar -- to pursue new interests that lead to new friendships, or simply free to greet (i.e. not be annoyed by) the day's encounters.  And I like the fact that saying goodbye to those who know God is only really a "See ya later" untnil we will meet again on the true side of eternity.

Besides, saying goodbye to my landlords means saying hello to the life that lies ahead!  Onwards!

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