Monday, May 9, 2011

Gone and back

20110508-081414.jpg[rock house, negril]

This was my first destination wedding, and I was initially reluctant to go. But if I didn't go for the wedding, I'd probably never choose to go to Jamaica, so that was my compelling reason -- aside from the fact that my BFFs were going, too, and we haven't all travelled together in such a long time.  I'm so glad I went!

I got to stay at a boutique hotel that I probably never would have chosen for myself, and, on top of that, met a ton of new folks over the course of a few days as the wedding guests practically took over the hotel.  Lots of lounging by the pool, within easy access of the ocean as well as blended drinks! By the wedding day there was a lot of camaraderie -- one love, as the locals say.

Though destination weddings are meant to be smaller and therefore easier, this one was nearly 100 people!  The bride and groom arranged transportation for all guests from the airport to their respective lodgings (families stayed at another location) and anywhere they wanted to go during their stay.  They also arranged for a one-day tour (we opted to stay by the pool), and the mother of the bride prepared goodie bags for all guests, which included fans, umbrellas, canvas tote bags, and a reggae CD.

Where I was a bit skeptical before, I'm now totally diggin' the destination wedding!  Most of all, I'm happy for my friends (I actually got the tingles all weekend, which is really quite rare; and OMG the bride looked STUNNING in her dress and MyKo gave the BEST speech EVER), happy to have spent time with my gals, happy to have made new friends, and happy to have had some time to relax and even get a little tan.

Back to the grind.  But it's more manageable with reggae in the background. :)


  1. Wow, 100 people is a LOT for a destination wedding! It's nice that so many people were able to celebrated your friends' marriage.

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time!

  2. 100 is indeed a lot of people. It was potentially overwhelming for the bride, but we made sure to tell her how great all the arrangements were. I really did have a good time; see next post!

  3. Sooooo wonderful to see you have a fabulous time! Hope to have more trips with you in the future! CYL 2 Paso Robles! Shall we make shirts and a CD this time? Nah! Too much work! We just wanna relax!

  4. Yes! I am SO looking forward to Paso, was just thinking about last year's trip to Santa Ynez (right around this time). CYL lives on!

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