Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer, so far

Could it be that it's only three weeks into summer? Life's been going at breakneck speed, so much so that I'm consciously creating me-time, even if it involves backing out of events previously committed to. Here are some snippets of what's been keeping me occupied:

  • Handmade tissue paper tassels for my BFF's birthday party

tissue tassels

  • Checking out: Shakespeare, American poets, craft books, Newbery Award winners


  • Making pizza with my Italy friends

  • Farmers Markets (I'm lucky to have access to four, from Tuesday to Friday!)


  • Watermelon + feta salad (with sea salt, honey, and olive oil): this summer's staple

summer salad

Much in between, and much more to go! A part of me feels like summer is entirely booked, but I am being intentional about finding making snippets of time for both big (being a bridesmaid in a month!) and little (calligraphy, coffee, conversations, crochet) things.

How are you spending your summer days?

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