Sunday, August 5, 2012

Good: Day 2

The second assignment in August's 30 days of food campaign is to learn how to say "thank you" in 10 languages. I did a mental check of what languages I already know:

  • Cantonese: Do jeh

  • English: Thank you

  • French: Merci

  • German: Danke

  • Italian: Grazie

  • Japanese: Arigato

  • Korean: Gamsahabnida

  • Mandarin: Xie xie

  • Portuguese: Obrigada

  • Spanish: Gracias

  • Vietnamese: Cam on

That's 11, including English. Not bad! Of course this means I didn't actively learn something for the day... so I decided to intentionally learn how to say it one more language. Swedish: Tack.

In what language(s) can you say "thank you"?

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