Monday, February 7, 2011

Business, again

I went to see another apartment, knowing from the walk-up (it was a big building about a block from a freeway ramp) that it probably wasn't the one for me.  But it wouldn't hurt to see.  After a brief look around, I told the owner/manager that although it was a nice place (lots of natural light) and would be great for someone, it didn't quite fit my needs: no off-street parking, and slightly out of my price range.  She said she couldn't really do anything about the parking (I'd be put on a list and be advanced when current spotholders moved out) but asked me about my range and was willing to decrease the rent to fit into my budget.  Especially after I told her that at my last place, I got over 100% of my deposit back (the owner wanted to keep some of my improvements). Pretty good!  But, having learned my lesson, I maintained that the parking was important to me and so, unfortunately, I was ultimately not interested.  We thanked each other, and I took off.  No sweat!

I decided to just drive around the neighborhood and spot-check another apartment I had eyed on CL.  When I parked across the street, though, I saw a sign that said, "For Rent: Studio," along with a phone number.  I shrugged my shoulders, thought, "Pourquoi pas?" and dailed the number.  The resident manager answered, was available to show the unit, and had a one-page info sheet about the studio to hand me right away.  He showed me the grounds first because the current occupant was there and in the process of moving.  24-hour access laundry room.  Swimming pool.  Not just off-street parking, but an assigned spot in an underground, gated lot.  With a three-feet deep storage space.  When I finally came in to see the studio, there was no more furniture, just a few boxes.  And it was perfect.  Like, really perfect: well planned, a good amount of space -- even a private patio.  The occupant also offered to answer any questions (he had finished med school; had lived there four years; loved it; thought the management excellent; had no problems; an overall glowing review).  Oh, and did I mention that it's within walking distance to the Metro (where there's a weekly farmers market), Trader Joe's, the library, cafes and restaurants, antique shops, yoga studios (and even a yarn shop, which, unfortunately, I don't like it very much)?!?!  I submitted my rental application, got okayed, and moved in last weekend.  (I meant to post this sooner, but I spent most of last week coughing up a pound of phlegm.  Anyhow, I moved!)

Of course I stayed up much later than I should have -- even though I was/am still sick! -- arranging furniture, clothes, books, yarn; lining shelves; eyeing rugs online; and even afterwards, in bed, dreaming up mental images.  It's coming together nicely.

I'm becoming a grown-up again!


  1. Congratulations on finding a new place! It sounds like a terrific fit for you, in so many ways. Will you share photos sometime?

    (Hope you are feeling better soon!)

  2. Thanks, Marsha! Of course I will share photos; keep an eye out!