Friday, January 28, 2011


There's a small and not-so-known section of my office that's open to the public, meaning that a part of my job is fielding questions from people who come in. Because it's small and not-so-known, there aren't a whole lot of visitors; but there are some regulars. (This is sometimes good, sometimes not.)

One such party stopped by not too long ago (they ask for me by first name, like we're old friends; it's kinda weird but what can ya do?) to say hello. We struck up some smalltalk as we usually do. And suddenly the conversation heads thusward:

Mr. A: So...if I may... May I ask, how old is Jean?

Me: Jean is old enough.

Mr. A: You're not in your 50s, are you? 40s?

Me: [Incredulous, unsure if this is a joke] ... Umm... Try somewhere in my 30s...

Mr. A: oh, really? Because you seem so old.

Me: [Incredulous, unsure if this is a joke] ... Umm, really? Are you serious? Is that a ... compliment?

Mr. A: Oh, of course! Young people these days are just so .... But you're nothing like that. You've always carried yourself with such maturity. ... And I have this friend, who I thought, maybe... He's 61--

Me: [Still incredulous, still unsure if this is a joke, but not caring to find out] -- That's almost double, sir.

Mr. A: Oh, well... [mumble mumble]...

Me: I have to go back to work now. Bye.

Good grief! I've never been told that I look old before! Is it because of my new haircut? I don't think so! People have told me that I look more like my mom, but also that it's a cute cut. What do you think?

[self, cowled]

While I'm at it, allow me to introduce my first FO of the year. It's the Stripes to Keep Me Warm pattern (Ravelry link) with a few mods: knit in fingering weight yarn, with shortened neck part, because I knew I would never use it as a hood/wimple. I actually didn't quite like the 'scrunch' factor, either, so ended up folding the edge inside. I wore it the other day over a sleeveless black dress and grey flats, and felt very chic.


  1. I LOVE your new haircut (is that Instagram in action?)! Truly LOVE it. It looks awesome on you. As does the cowl. Kudos to you for having the fortitude to do that much knitting in fingering-weight yarn. :)

    Don't let the age inquiries get you down. I am constantly amazed by how often people misestimate other people's ages. So much depends on context. Is the person with a small child (must be younger!)? Does the person have mature and professional comportment (must be older!)? Is the person out very late (must be younger!)? etc. People make assumptions all over the place.

  2. I think you look GREAT...not anywhere near the age range that man assumed. You rock the haircut AND the cowl.

  3. Seriously looks like you found a classic picture of your mom & posted it. Beautiful. As for the fellow, creepy. Don't be so nice! :)

  4. Thanks, friends, for the kind words!

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