Thursday, March 3, 2011

Apartment: glimpse

This weekend marks a month since I've been in my new apartment -- how time flies!  The main vision for the floor plan was in mind even after the first time I'd seen the place, so it was easy to come in, build what needed to be built, and shift (push, pull, pivot, drag atop towels) the larger pieces in place immediately.  My brothers helped me move and those five carloads made it seem like I have so much stuff, but once pieces got put in place and boxed items went into shelves and closets, I ended up with quite a bit of open space. (Still, I decided that, my next transition will involve professional movers.)  I forgot to take pictures when the apartment was totally empty and it didn't occur to me to take any until I'd already started to build my daybed (the daybed I wanted!), so here are the visuals starting from then:

[moving in, view of main room from entry]

[moving in, view from back sliding glass door; view of kitchen from main room]

[moving in: bed made, books shelved, bananas bought]

My desk is right behind the daybed; I prefer to 'float' my furnishings instead of anchoring them to the wall.  It makes me feel more grown up.  And desk-wise, it's nicer to have a view of the room and patio instead of a wall, no?  The tough part is cords (computer, printer, the lamp I need but don't yet have) across walking areas.  When I build my own home, I will install tons of floor outlets!  There's a story behind every piece of furniture I own, which I'll tell you one of these days.  One of the first large items I had moved was the refrigerator.  I had doubts about it being in the middle of the 'dining area,' but the shelves next to it anchor the fridge more to the 'cooking side' while creating a nook (along with more storage) as well as a more defined eating area. 

Since these pictures (taken on the first and third nights, respectively), there's been some tweaking in the details, but the apartment remains much the same.It's only my third week of living here, so I'm still tweaking things here and there, still making plans.  

My main issues are the lack of light the apartment gets (obscured by the projecting patio of the apartment above, an overgrown and shedding ficus tree, and the large apartment building directly over the wall), and the competing wood shades in my furnishings (bed, coffee table, side table, desk, have you seen the kitchen? Wood cupboards, wood laminate countertop, wood vinyl floor tiles! OMG).  I have smaller fights to pick with the sad-looking fixture that provides most of my light (hints in the bottom two right side photos), the bleh berber carpeting (anyone know a good rug source?), and the bathroom, which is humongous. Oh, and the patio.

I'm totally looking forward to making this place my own, on my terms and within the confines of my budget.  Finally, all that time I spend lurking on Apartment Therapy is coming to use!  I'm all up for suggestions, too, so feel free to chime in!


  1. Cute kitchen! I like your little table and chairs, too.

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