Thursday, July 7, 2011

Running progress


This is what I typically eat after a run: caprese salad (stay alive, little basil plant!) and TJ's soup (not just great for brunch!). Simple and healthy.

Tonight I'm adding a mojito to celebrate a particularly triumphant run. After having progressed from three five-minute runs (three minutes walking) to two eight-minute runs (five minutes walking), I'd been hitting a wall with the single 20-minute run. The most I could manage at each attempt was 12 minutes. That discouragement, along with hotter days--which mean I don't leave immediately after getting back from work, which in turn means I am less likely to get out the door at all--gradually increased the days between my runs.

Until today. I'd left my sunglasses at my brother's place and decided that I'd run over to retrieve them. I did a ten-minute warmup walk and then ran. For 22 minutes straight--huzzah!

I'm feeling very proud of myself indeed, pumped to keep running, and very deserving of the mojito by my side. Cheers!

Oh, BTW, I signed up for that half marathon after all.


  1. I let my blog reader slide for a few days and when I come back you have filled it up with posts! Busy busy! :) Congratulations on the running progress—I'm sure you will do great in that half-marathon!

  2. Yes, I am living too fast for the blog these days; life's good. Thanks for the running encouragement!