Saturday, July 2, 2011

Been brunchin'

Kicked off the leisure days of summer with a simple brunch, held at my bro's while he and his fam were away on vacation.

The setting: backyard, under the sail.

Table: white cloth; mixed chairs; round woven place mats; white plates; blue cloth napkins; glasses for water; flutes; rosemary sprigs.

Menu: tomato roast pepper soup with sprigs of fresh thyme; this sandwich with cornichons; individual servings of yogurt in mason jars, with fruit, brown sugar, agave, granola and nuts; mimosas.

brunch[photo courtesy of d.]

It was a quiet morning and the five of us, some new to each other, carried on a varied and delightful conversation. It was indeed a lovely segue into summer! Additionally, it was more hospitality practice for yours truly. I like a homemade but not backbreaking menu--no shame about ready-made elements; thank you, TJ's--so that I can sit down and enjoy the fruits of my prep work and the company of my company, instead of slaving away the entire meal or running back and forth between table and kitchen. I'm too lazy.

Brunch is a good meal because there's time in the morning for prep, it's a sweet/savory mix of food, and the meal concludes without having dominated the day. I look forward to hosting similar brunches in the weeks and months to come. Maybe even out in my little outdoor space--which means I need to pick up a couple more place settings (capacity is four at the moment).


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