Monday, October 3, 2011

Artsy Autumn: Natural History Museum

I can't recall whether the NHM feels familiar because I went here on a school field trip back in the day, or because Night at the Museum was filmed there. In any case, it's an awesome space and was a treat to make a day of attending. I was especially excited about the Dinosaur Hall, which was very educational and well done, in terms of information and presentation.

[triple t-rex]


The Pacific Standard Time exhibit was small, covering only the second story in the rotunda area. Still, I appreciated the timeline presentation and the historical tie the NHM has to Los Angeles art and artists. (We tend to forget that Exposition Park -- now sadly in disrepair and neglected with more recent and glamorous event venues -- lies in a very central part of LA. I hope that changes and this wonderful area is restored to its 1984 Olympics glory.)

After a delicious lunch of Peruvian fare, and a walk back through the Rose Garden, NHM Visit Part 2 commenced: American history hall, gemstones, and dioramas of African and American mammals. Delightful!

I now have a handy PST booklet and have marked all the exhibits I'd like to see. Onwards!

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