Saturday, October 1, 2011

Coffee with Chemex

I had a chance to purchase filters and brew coffee in the unmarked but unlikely faux Chemex coffee maker I thrifted a few months ago.

The filter is actually a sheet folded into quarters. The paper is supposed to be 30% thicker than regular filters, therefore straining more impurities out if the grounds.

Thanks to my awesome jot water kettle, I have 210-degree water at the touch of a button. I placed the filter in the Chemex (3-layered side against the spout), scooped in my grounds, added enough water to just cover them to allow "bloomage," and then slowly poured additional hot water until I got to my serving size. Took about four minutes, same as the brew time in a French press. Cleanup was a snap: lift filter and toss; rinse glass. Et voila:

I'm not sure if you can see from the photo, but the Chemex brews a mighty clean cuppa. And it tastes clean, too. Verdict: yum. I can see why so many reviewers say they'll never have coffee any other way again.

Now that there's a coffee maker for my section, I can deal with mediocre brew during the week and enjoy the slow drip-drop Chemex coffee on weekends. Now, off to the grinder.

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