Friday, December 23, 2011


This was another memorable wine tour and meal. Our trip organizer rented from this elderly couple, Carlo and Valeria, when he was on sabbatical in Italy, so it was a homecoming for him.  We made a 10-minute trek from where we were staying, through a vineyard, to get there.  It felt very homey. Walking out to greet us as we arrived, Carlo held up two hiking poles, saying to our leader, "You left these here from five years ago! Storage fees are very expensive here in Italy!" It was the beginning of a delightful afternoon.




Carlo and Valeria hosted a home-cooked meal of pate and jelly with crackers and homemade bacon ciabatta, lasagna, salad, veggies, and a lovely dessert spread.  All the while, Carlo poured his own wine for us, cracking jokes the entire time.  We ate out on their terrace, which has an extremely pleasant view of the typical Tuscan vineyards and olive groves. 

Afterwards, their daughter, Ludo -- Philosophy Ph.D. turned 5th-generation winemaker -- gave us a tour of their operation.  You can read more about their story here.  We picked up a few bottles for our BYO dinner later that evening (at Solociccia). And a few of us made away with some bottles of jam and pepper jelly, handmade by Valeria, with lid coverings crocheted by Ludo's mother-in-law.  (Sadly, my marmalade was confiscated by the French as having, "beaucoup de liquide."  I'm still sad about it.)

We were sad to leave, but there was another tasting to attend!  Mille grazie for a wonderful visit and meal!

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