Monday, January 9, 2012

The perfect souvenir

When my coworker told me she was going out of town to spend the holidays with her sister and new niece in Fort Bragg, my eyes visibly widened and I let out a quite audible, "Eep!"

"Is that a few hours north of San Francisco?" I asked.

"Yes; they moved up there for my brother-in-law's job. How have you heard of Fort Bragg?"

"That's where one of my favorite breweries is!"

We consulted a bit on an embroidery project she was working on for the new baby, and went our separate holiday ways at nenmatsu. Though we started work again last week, today's the first day I actually saw her. And this is what she brought back for me:

beer sampler[north coast brewery sampler]

Eep -- I can't wait to try them all!

I suggested to my coworker that if she wants to visit her sister and niece again, I am confident in my northbound driving, so maybe we can go together, stay a few days in Fort Bragg (so I can visit the brewery!) and hang out in SF or the Fort Bragg environs.  She was enthusiastic.  And the Presidents Day holiday is upcoming.  It seems plans may be afoot.


  1. I once considered going to Mendocino Coast for a N. Calif sightseeing trip but could not find enough reasons to justify the trip. Had I known about the brewery...

    Are these available at TJ's?

  2. I've seen the Scrimshaw and Pale Ale at TJ's, but neither of the others, at least with any consistency. I'm sure they're around, especially with the craze of local/craft brews. I even found Scrimshaw on tap! Didn't know you were a beer drinker... are you?

  3. Not really a regular drinker (too much calories). When I do, I drink Kirin(for its lightness) and Guinness (for its foaminess). While I was in Prague and Vienna, beer cost almost the same as water so I drank the local brew. I also try new beer when it comes recommended.