Thursday, April 12, 2012

FO: Selbu Modern

If you've seen any of my weekly photo mosaics (which I'm terribly behind on, I know) you may have glimpsed my first FO of the year: a Selbu Modern beret.  A fantastic pattern! It's knit in a skein of Lang Jawoll sock yarn (white) and Elann Baby Cashmere (purple), both of which I've had in stash for years now. My stranding skills leave much to be desired, but blocking really helped even things out.

I finally took a couple moments after work to take some snapshots, which proved more difficult than I'd anticipated.  Here are the best couple of the lot.  They don't show off the hat exceptionally well, but well enough I suppose.

The pattern is simple enough to knit, because it's so well written and the chart is so clear.  The pattern adds just enough a pop of texture and contrast to my usual attire of mostly solids, yet doesn't overwhelm some of the prints I occasionally wear. This, along with an Urchin hat I knit up about three (!) years ago, has been keeping me warm and toasty all winter. A beret is the best hat for this head.

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