Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring cleaning

I was looking forward to Daylight Savings time so much, but got sick the weekend of and had to take most of the following week off. One day, when I finally mustered enough strength to get out of bed, I managed to squeeze in a spot of spring cleaning:


Ah, those old days of paper statements and returning cashed checks! I used to be quite fastidious with my bookkeeping: stapling receipts, in chronological order, to their corresponding statements. Boy am I thankful for paperless everything these days ! I finally let go of old, no longer applicable paperwork, too -- like AP and SAT scores, college acceptance letters, check stubs from part time college jobs (when I thought $11/hour was a killing!), etc.

I feel so much lighter and freer.  Next steps: my inbox and closet!

What's on your spring cleaning list?


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  2. I am no better. I think I still have the college acceptance letter from UCB and a job offer letter from NASA. Since I went to neither of these places, I thought I would keep them as mememtos.