Friday, April 10, 2009


DC and I have come up with a moving system whereby he takes the boxes from the car and up the stairs, and I move them from there down the L-shaped hallway into the apartment.  It's a pretty good system, and we've got it down pat after two or three carloads. 

carload   carunloaded

Yet, we're both working, and because his schedule's more irregular than mine, he can't always help me during the week.   He's left the garage door opener for me on his late evenings, and I've managed on my own (with the help of the dolly). When I can fill the front passenger seat with my *stuff*, fold the seats down and push those boxes all the way in, I must say I'm pretty impressed at how much can fit into one carload. See for yourself!

These are two separate loads. I wanted to show you how it all looks in my car (with *stuff* in the front seat, as well as in the rear passenger foot areas!) and what it looks like all laid out. I was particularly pleased with the load pictured on the right, which includes -- at least -- all my larger art pieces (against the wall), all my books (two boxes and two bacpacks), three comforter-bags-full of yarn, two boxes of stationery, one plastic crate-full of fabric, four smaller boxes of glassware, my sewing box, typewriter, and tools. *phew!* And it took me exactly an hour from my arrival at the garage to depositing everything in my new living room. *flexes*

Now, to actually unpack...

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