Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taxing times

My life of late can be described in one word: transitioning.  But I thought that -- since I'm doing so much of it anyway these days -- I'd unpack that a bit more for ya.  Which is to say, I've mostly been:

  • packing (to move and to travel)

  • moving (boxes and boxes to DC's garage)

  • cleaning (with toothbrush and cotton swabs, too)

  • traveling (tons of walking and photo-ing -- post coming soon)

  • unpacking (it's not so much stuff after all!)

  • arranging furniture (still not entirely sure about it)

  • knitting (and frogging...)

  • laundry (loads more to do!)

  • weeding (my respite)

  • lining shelves (love the grip stuff)

And most recently, sending off my taxes (and cutting a fat check).  It's never a fun time of year for me.  But it's overanddone, huzzah and *exhale*. 

Well then.  Back to my list of actvities.  I hope you're not too taxed these days.

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