Friday, April 17, 2009

Progress: kitchen

After the initial furniture placement (which I'm already reconsidering), my unpacking priority has been the kitchen. This has involved wipe-downs and once-overs, as well as lining shelves and surfaces, before taking anything out of boxes.

It's always fun for me to start organizing from scratch. I am trying to make the most of the space available in what is a slightly awkward cooking area.

One challenge is the dearth of counter space. I've decided to keep the dishrack under the sink when not in use, but I don't know how that will work long term. Although it will give me more counterspace, it might also mean that dishes start piling up in the sink when I'm cooking (I usually like to wash all the prep stuff as I go).

The color scheme also irks me, just because it's not the best paint job, and the colors aren't really my style. I would much prefer a neutral palette that I can add bursts of color to. In this particular kitchen, I think all white cabinets would open up the space. Or, for a bit of dimension, a less dramatic color would be more fitting than the red -- perhaps the grayish color in the dining nook. I thought about removing the cabinet doors, but fear that exposed goods may make it look more cluttered. Still thinking about this.

There's a lot of open space above the cabinets, and I'd like to do something here -- but not fill it up with *stuff*. I put my spider plant up there by the window, but it actually started to yellow and die!

I really enjoy the nook/booth, though. For one thing, it removes the necessity for a dining set (my old one is at My Supernova's now). It adds a bit of prep space, too. I am thinking of a collage on the wall, maybe my smaller Japanese ones? Or finding an antique mirror? I'll definitely need padding for the bench, as well. Am thinking something red, maybe striped, to coordinate with the kitchen.

Things are happening, peeps! The other day I finished lining the cupboard and unloaded all my glassware. I think most things are where I need them to be, intuitively and for maximum efficiency.  All that's left is for my gas to be (re)connected, which should happen sometime today.  Huzzah!

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