Friday, May 1, 2009

Bus karma

This morning's bus commute into town was extremely unique:  I was the sole passenger for the last 10 or 15 minutes of the ride.  Having taken the bus for nearly a year and a half, I can say that that was indeed a first.  A quiet getting to work is a treat that I much enjoyed.

The ride home was *a bit* of a different story.  First of all, I stayed at work about 30 minutes longer than usual.  When I boarded the bus, though, it was my usual 5:07 driver (yes, he had been delayed 40 minutes!).  And the streets were all lit with red brake lights.  Turns out there were no less than six labor and immigration rallies overlapping each other from 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Yowza!  Busses were rerouted and passenger numbers much exceeded the norm.  At one point, my driver had to stop picking anyone up.  It was a bumpy, crowded and long ride back.

Like I've said, riding the bus brings on a different type of stress from that of commuting by car.  Overall, I'm a firm believer in public transportation, but on days like today -- when I arrive home exhausted not by my work day but the getting home -- a little part of me yearns for the comfort of my own little capsule.  Which is why I'm grateful to come home to my own place! 

Time for a glass of wine.

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