Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bus knitting

I have made some progress on the second Pomatomus sock that I started on the bus last week.  In keeping with the theme, I snapped another shot before I got off this morning.  Voila:

pomatomus2Here I am on the second repeat.  Knitting this part is generally pretty quick for me.  On the 30-minute ride into downtown today I put in about a dozen rows.  Good thing the pattern is easy to memorize!  One and a half more repeats to go until the heel flap...

...which is where I always get stuck.  Well, the flap itself is pretty quick, knit back and forth on only half the number of stitches.  Turning the heel doesn't take that long, either.  But man, when I get to the gusset, it seems that thing never wants to get done--even as I'm doing decreases!  For the first sock, I was done with the cuff after our week in D.C.  But it took an additional three weeks for me to get through the gusset and sole.

I hope it doesn't take me so long for this sock; I'd like to have ends woven in next week (even though I'm not going to gift it until October, for the recipient's birthday) so that I can continue with Knitting For Me!

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