Friday, May 22, 2009


It's almost time to head home for the long weekend, and I'm scrambling to wrap up well: clean up my desk, wash any dishes or mugs, feed my guppy, remember my camera's memory card, etc. etc.  I haven't gotten around to buying bus tokens this week, so have been making sure I've got exact change for the bus.  This afternoon it's involved a shaking out of my coin purse, a looking around the other compartments of my purse, and, in the end, a rumble through my desk drawer.  Et voila!


 Just enough to get me home.  Phew!

This, to me, bodes well for the weekend.  Our plans to go camping have been cancelled (the sites we were considering booked--we shoulda known better; the remaining site a two-mile inland, uphill, bring-your-own-water hike--not for my first time, thankyouverymuch), but I'm looking forward to relaxing with old friends, getting fully unpacked (where do the books go?), doing a bit of crafting, and sharing about it by weekend's end.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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