Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

Okay--I'm back, with my blogging mojo in tow!

After six weeks, my apartment retrofit is completely finished, the travels are done, and The Big Clean is ON.  But, it's going to be The Slow Clean, too, because there's much to do elsewheres.  Like knitting.  And crafting.  Oh, and I'm making a quilt.  And planning a party.  A Family Fiesta.  For my brother and his wife.  Because they are having a baby.  In December.  As are two other friends.  And three more are due in February.  And two people just found out they are expecting.

Nine weddings in '09.  Maybe 10 babies in '10?  Could be!

But while I do all these things, I need to update you lovelies on my where- and what-abouts these past weeks.  Picture-heavy posts forthcoming!  It feels good to be back here.  Home.

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