Friday, November 20, 2009

Eaton Canyon

Last weekend I organized a hike with some church friends to Eaton Canyon.  It was meant to give us a chance to meet new peeps, get our hike on, and have some alone time (much needed as we enter the rush and bustle of the holidays).  We walked a trail for about a mile, then hiked for another half mile to the waterfall.  It was a beautiful day and the much-earlier-than-usual wake-up was well rewarded.

[gray + brown = love]

[cute little pom pom plants]


[gnarled oak]

[keepsake acrons]

 I sat under that oak for an hour and listened to the sound of water trickling over leaves and rocks.  I looked up to see blue sky and birds.  I looked down and fell in love with acorns, which I proceeded to collect and stuff in my backpack.  Hope that's not considered stealing.  In any case, I am obsessed with them now and keep them in a glass vase on my coffee table.  To bring the outdoors indoors.  My sweet little autum display. 

It's a great time to be out and about in SoCal.  It's getting cold at night, but the sun's out during the day.  Here's to peaceful weekends and enjoying the coming holidays!

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