Saturday, November 14, 2009

Family Fiesta

It happened to be really HOT on the day of the Fiesta so we were obliged to set up tents.  The blue went against my color scheme, but when it's in the 90s, shade trumps beauty.   The streamers and papel picado added festive touches,

modern mexicana

fiesta decor

uunty to be pin

as did the doily garlands (sewn by Jaxs' mom the night before, and on ribbon instead of bias tape) and paper lanterns.  I re-used some green and pink Japanese packaging paper, from a package I had received, into prize ribbon pins for the family members, which Jaxs' sister helped glue-gun together.

At the conception phase, I'd envisioned square galvanized steel pots, each holding a succulent, placed together in larger squares of 3x3 or 4x4 on a tray and unified with a wide ribbon around the entire thing, creating a centerpiece.  Guests could take individual plants home as favors.  That didn't work out because we couldn't find little steel pots anywhere.  We went with default terra-cotta ones, which I lined down the center of each table.  Still looks pretty cute (especially in this picture, taken by Jaxs' friend who is a professional photographer)!

succulent favors

As far as entertainment, there was loads.  The kids immediately went for the moonbounce (the adults got their turns later), and one of Jaxs' clever friends (and apparently, veteran baby shower organizer) brought white onesies and fabric markers; guests took turns customizing for Little1, and we hung them against the backyard wall to dry and serve as decor.  Check out the ones below -- I'll definitely have to snap a shot of them all being worn!


There was also a little photoboothing:



and most people had their turn at one of the three pinatas!


At the midway(-ish) point, the couple gave a toast -- this is my favorite picture of them.

All in all, a wildly successful and fun event!  I learned that it's really difficult to make reality match the vision -- due to things like logistics, retail availability, working with strangers/acquaintances, and -- of course -- time restraints.  BUT I also learned that despite all that, a smile, a lot of communication, asking people to help with specific tasks, and, overall, going with the flow and allowing things to work themselves out makes for a happy event.  Everyone had a blast, especially Georgzilla and Jaxs, and that's what counts!

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