Saturday, March 27, 2010


Text of an email that circulated my entire contacts list:

DC and I got engaged.  On March 8th.  At 36,000 feet.  Somewhere between Iceland and Greenland.  On the flight back.  From my surprise birthday trip.  To London.  After the first movie (me: New Moon; him: Couples Retreat).  He slipped me a note.  I read it.  Looked up.  Speechless.  Nodded.  He slipped me a ring. And we landed back at LAX: betrothed.

[self portrait, 'Bling']

And some of the responses (quite a few, but not all! Bear with me; I wanted to remember them all in one place):

  • best.  email.  ever. :)congrats.

  • omggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omedetoooooooooooo<3<3 congrats!!!!!!!!!

  • That's fantastic! I love the note-passing story! You're a true devotee of written correspondence, aren't you? I'm so happy for you. Many congratulations and best wishes for a happy future.

  • WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT???? OMG, friend Congrats!!!!! I am so happy for you! Why didn’t I see this on facebook??

  • I feel like saying it, wait...SHOUTING it again, CONGRATS! I'm so happy for you! Finally, the details.  I'm writing to you with a HUGE smile on my face.

  • This is WONDERFUL NEWS!!  Congratulations to you and DC.. I have never met the lucky fellow but he must be something to win your love and affection!

  • WOW! Congrats!  So many questions.  Like, How was new moon for instance?  I have yet to see it.  And did they leave it open ended for the next ... Ok, I'm kidding.  But seriously.  Congrats!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!  And thanks for the point-by-point description!  I felt like I was right there!! :)

  • What a story!!!  He sounds like a keeper the romancer :)

  • YAY!  Congrats, my dear!!  The second I saw the subject line, I knew it was an engagement announcement!  Yay!  Ok, so I want to catch up with you.  It's been waaaaay too long!  Plus, I need to give you hug and jump up and down with you!  Or something to that effect.  Maybe a drink and some karaoke wouldn't hurt, either. :)

  • I am overcome with joy for you! Such providence is so like Jesus!

  • Wow - congratulations, Jean! Do not know who that is, but if he makes you this happy and brings blessings to your life, amen.

  • i knew it! i'm prophetic. CONGRATS!

  • This friend from afar is wishing your fiancee and you a wonderful and glorious life together. Looking forward to hearing more about the lucky guy (lets not be sexist here.... lucky girl also).

  • Congratulations, Jean!! That's fabulous. Who is DC?  A wonderful blessing. I hope you are well. I'm sorry I've been MIA. Complicated.

  • Wow, Jean! This is wonderful news! Looked on your facebook page for a clue about who DC is, but no dice, so I'm hoping to hear more from you sometime, or maybe a picture? Anyways, I'm thrilled on your behalf.

  • Omg.  I'm so happy for you.  And what a spectacular proposal/engagement.  When is the wedding?!  Ah, too soon to ask, eh.

  • Big kisses from your frenche cousin in Toulouse!  Give me some more news, ++

  • I am really happy to hear this wonderful news.  To be honest, somehow I felt/knew this will come sooner and later.

  • Jean! Congrats on the engagement. D is the man!

  • Congratulations from the deep, dark past, darling girl.

  • Jean-sama! OMEDETO!!! I'm so happy for you dear.. I'm deeply pleased that your relationship has reached a new level and that marriage will bond you closer and happier. you both deserve it!

  • Dear Ms. Jean....soon to be Mrs.
    Congratulations!! We are excited for you. From what I know of him, you two make a great couple. It sounds like plane rides will always be special to you and what a great story when you take your kids on a trip. Blessings on your future together. What a great journey when two people really love the Lord. Thanks for sharing your joy!

  • Congrats! It was not surprising given how I felt you two were right for each other.

  • Congratulations Jean.  You and D make the perfect couple.  I'm so happy to hear the great news.  I can't believe he held on to the ring the entire trip.

It's been about three weeks, and I've regained my ability to compose complete sentences.  We're talking about dates, venues, and details, but nothing has been decided for sure.  We want to keep things simple but don't want to underestimate the time and work we'll have to put into this.   Among other things this will be a huge communication project -- between us and our families.  So far, DC and I are on the same page, which feels good, natural.

I'll keep you posted!  This is exciting!

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