Friday, March 19, 2010

Myself again

Will you be suprirsed to read that I've been blogging for over seven years now?  I started in the fall of 2002 on uJournal, which went bust a couple of years later.  I had a couple blogs on Blogger, swtiching between a regular blog and a craft blog (before the labeling system started!), then finally decided to make a fresh start here.

It suddenly dawned on me why I don't blog as much anymore:  it's not fun or exciting to simply post about what I did or am doing or will do -- which is what I've relegated my blog to being, ever since I had a sudden urge to protect and respect the people in my life by concealing their names and other details.  I found myself and my blog reduced to posing stuff a certain way, taking a quick shot or two, and adding in a paragraph or two of text.  Not so fun.  For me or any readers.  So I stopped.

But I've got a new wind, a mind to take this blog back to where it once was, and wherever it is that I'm going: back to myself again.


  1. I look forward to reading whatever appears here!

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