Friday, January 21, 2011


Ceramics was entirely new to me when I randomly signed up for a class last summer, wanting to stretch my comfort zone.  It was just a four-week class, but we got to it immediately.  It was much harder to throw than the instructor (a lovely, lovely lady) made it look -- as most things are -- but it was so fun!

Week 1: Get right into it!

[wheel, clay, tools]

[first throw]



Week 2: Carry on, then!

[small bowl]

[more tools]

[cleaned up]

Week 3: More practice

[guess which is mine?]

[more splatters]

Week 4: Glazing

[awaiting glaze]


[best bowl]


Finally: Pick up time!

[first piece (with handle)]

[little things]


I loved being in a creative space.

I learned a lot about rhythms, subtlety, movement, and color.
I loved the sandy clay slipping through my fingers. And splattering all over my clothes.
I loved watching the clay thin out and move. Reacting to my slightest movement.
I loved... creating.

I loved seeing the finished pieces (the glaze is not at all like the finished color; it felt like Christmas! Glazing, by the way, is an art form entirely unto itself).

In review: I'm least happy with my first piece:  I did something wrong with the glaze and it ended up very rough and chalky. I even thought about throwing it away, but then found an acceptable use for it.  My best piece, the bowl, wasn't there when I came to pick everything up!  I'm so sad!  But at least I have a picture of it.

I thought about signing up for the 10-week class to practice more throwing and learn other techniques, but in the end, the fact that I have no space to accumulate pieces kept me from registering.  I'm so happy with what I learned and made during those four weeks, though, and super glad I did it.  I'm committed to learning more this year and pushing my creative boundaries.


  1. You could have titled the fourth photo "Flops, redux" (heh). You seem to be a much tidier thrower than I am. I end up covered with clay!

    I love seeing these photos of your projects! You did some amazing work in just four weeks. It sounds like you really enjoyed this experience, so I hope you take another clay class some time. (Remember: pottery makes great gifts! So you don't have to keep it all in your house!)

  2. I wore an apron, but it didn't help with my bottoms! I was definitely the most 'clayed' of all my classmates (most of them had prior experience, though), but didn't mind getting a bit messy. (^o^) I'm definitely not opposed to taking a more in-depth ceramics class, sometime in the future. Yes! Gifts for others! Thanks for the tip!