Monday, April 4, 2011

Arranging the arts

In a fit of enthusiasm about the Small|Cool thing, I woke up Saturday and immediately began sorting through, re-framing, and arranging my art:


They're eclectic pieces, mostly sentimental -- and with a definite Japan bias -- including:

  • a tourist map of where I lived in Japan,

  • my name calligraphed in Japanese characters,

  • the character for "love" -- written by a second-grader (with her mom's help, but still!),

  • various happy sayings sent by my Japanese mothers,

  • a picture of my youngest brother, along with his "metamorphosis" art project,

  • a photograph I purchased in support of a photographer friend

  • a poem composed by my Japanese father (a literature student at Kyoto University) and calligraphed by my Japanese mother (a calligraphy instructor)

  • a drum painted by someone on my taiko team

  • Maui's hook, a souvenir of New Zealand from my parents

  • a baby picture of yours truly

This is most of the art that I own (20-25 pieces); it all needs to be spread across my apartment; and I don't want to spend any money (although I want to add a picture of my mom and other family members).  So they won't end up in the configuration pictured.  Right now everything is placed across the only stretch of open space I have in my studio.  Because I'm an excellent starter but not a stellar finisher, I hope this "method" works to annoy myself into hanging everything onto the walls sooner rather than later.

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