Friday, April 1, 2011

Small Cool 2011

Apartment Therapy has just announced the official start to this year's Small|Cool contest.  The entry deadline is the 20th.  Will I be able to "finish" my apartment before then so I can enter?  Not sure yet.  Here's what I'd still like to do:

  • Replace vertical blinds with curtains

  • Sew pillow covers

  • Hang art

  • Complete bathroom mat

  • Work on lighting

  • Acquire patio furniture

Think I can do it?  I think it would be fun!  I think I might try!  I welcome thoughts and suggestions (although I will admit that I do have a vision in mind, and when that's the case I can be very stubborn indeed.  But I'm totally up to hear other points of view)!


  1. Yes! You can do it! I don't have any suggestions, though. You don't need them—you have plenty of great ideas on your own!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement -- I'm motivated!

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