Sunday, June 12, 2011

Been shopping

I broke my resolution against shopping.  Couldn't pass up a good sale at Banana Republic, especially when the salespeople were handing out cards for additional discounts and I get the card for 50%!!  I picked up a little bit of everything: top, jeans, skirt, dress.  The total ended up being something like $78; not bad, right?!  Here's what I got:

[BR buys]

The top is appropriate for work, and can be worn casually, too.  The jeans are a nice, dark wash with a slim, straight leg (I can't do the skinny jeans; they make me look like a tween skater!).  The skirt is silk, which means I'll be wearing it a lot this summer (olive is my new neutral).  And I love the dress because it'll be perfect for MyKo's wedding, it's got pockets, and the final price was 75% off the original tag -- score!  I sure can live with not following through on a resolution if it means adding meaningful and long-lasting pieces to my wardrobe!


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