Monday, June 27, 2011

Been making

My friends' special occasion requests are usually not too crazy -- trying a new restaurant, most of the time -- but, on the rare occasion, can be stretching. I figure, though, that's it's their day (birthday, wedding, what-have-you) and it's all about them, so I'm in. That resolve has gotten me through things like the possibility of a 10K run, my first trip to the spa (I don't like being touched by strangers) -- and oh, that one pole dancing lesson.

Sometimes, though, their occasions give me the perfect reason to fortify my crafting arsenal and activities (like this).  Other times, they warrant delving into a new craft altogether. Such was the case for MyKo's bridal shower.  I am, for some reason, obsessed with logos, and decided that I needed to create one for them. So I started sketching out variations of "M and M":

[logo sketches]

 I love the symmetry of the two Ms and debated whether I should connect or overlap them, and over whether to use "&" or "+."  I finally decided on an inverted version, with the "+" meaning "and" as well as symbolizing Christ at the center of their union. After MyKo approved, I began crafting in earnest.  I went back to my local art supply store and picked up a block and a linocut set -- which I'd wanted for a long time but could never quite justify!

[stamp block and carving tool]

Carving was harder than I thought, especially because my finished piece was only one square inch. After a few major blunders and two full drafts I ended up with the final version:


I wasn't entirely happy with it, but opted for "rustic charm point" rather than "imperfections" and the change in vocabulary did wonders to affect my attitude about the matter.  It helped that the shower was a country western theme, making the stamp look like a wrought-iron brand.

I stamped the backs of all the envelopes, and MyKo showed her fiance when she received her invite.  They both liked it, so much so that they asked me to send them a digitized copy so they could put it on their wedding favors!  WOW!  What a compliment and a treat to be involved in their wedding in such a meaningful way.  Thanks, M+M!

The shower was last weekend, so I have more stories and pictures to share as soon as I collect and upload photos.  For now, though, I've got to catch up on sleep.

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