Saturday, June 11, 2011

Been writing

My "punishment" for not participating in the bachelorette 10K was to write name tags for the Jamaica wedding guests' destination gift bags. No sweat, as I had already volunteered to write the place cards for the reception.  It was fun matching all the names I'd written (several times) with faces as I met mostly everyone over the course of the wedding. (Of course, I felt like we were old friends, and they were like, "Who is you?")

The couple wanted to keep with a neutral color scheme (think sand and seashells) so I did the gift bag tags in a more casual script with a blue Sharpie for a nice pop of color.  The escort cards occasioned a trip to my local art supply store, where I picked up a couple italic nibs and inks in brown and gold.  The italic nibs couldn't handle my left-handedness, and I couldn't get the gold ink to run out smoothly -- and didn't have/make time to investigate -- so I ended up using my trusty old fountain pen and the brown ink.

The cards turned out pretty good!  Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of them finished to share here.  I was glad to hear from C that having the cards finished the look she was going for at the tables, which helped to ease her stress levels.  That's what friends -- and fun weddings -- are all about!


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