Friday, September 16, 2011

Artsy Summer: LACMA, again

A quick series of text messages and the troupe was assembled for an impromptu trip to LACMA, this time courtesy of Target-sponsored free holiday Mondays. A couple of us came earlier to have lunch on Eames shell chairs (I know, again!) along with hundreds (I kid you not) in the plaza.


lamca plaza[lacma plaza, packed]

The visit was fortuitous because it was the final day of Gifts of the Sultan and I got to see that fabulous rug that I read about in the Times; in addition, some new exhibits had just opened, including the Asian -- or are they simply Chinese, because the artist is Chinese?! -- zodiac installation:

ox   dog

dragon   rat

Then there was a more in-depth tour of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum, which houses a genre (Warhol, Koons, Harding) that I generally don't understand. Like the fish tank with basketballs in it.  Or the big blue balloon dog. Did you know Koons tried to copyright it?! I guess the grievance was that too many people were trying to "copy" it. Does that include clowns?! Look closely to see W and me reflected manifold: that's me makin' art outta art. Take that, Koons.

bcam[bcam, descending]

blue balloon dog[blue ballon dog + reflections]

Fun in the sculpture garden, too. I love a good Rodin. This smile was strained, as it was much harder than it looks because the torso is, uhm, huge.

rodin[portrait w/ torso]

There's only one more stop, in terms of planned museums.  Then, Artsy Summer transitions into Artsy Autum by going international in the first half of October!

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