Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lights + leaves

In a rare moment of being ahead of the game, I brought home an old bag of twinkle lights (found in my storage unit, aka my folks' house) and spent some time before Thanksgiving putting them up.  I slid three strands through a binder ring and hung it from my ceiling.  Ceiling hooks are da bomb.

DC and I had some free time before his mother's birthday banquet last Sunday, and we took advantage of it by going for a nice, long walk.  The liquidambars are finally coming into their peak of coloring round my parts, so, inspired by Rachel's (she must live in a different part of SoCal to have had them so early!), I collected a bouquet.  Tucked them into the wiring of the lights.  Et voila.

I will enjoy these for another week or so until I they are replaced with the ornaments and snowflakes which I am still preparing.  For now, autumn leaves are perfect.

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