Monday, December 28, 2009

Successful succulents

Despite the hectic nature of most mornings (I love those five extra minutes before getting out of bed, but I sure do pay for them in the frenzy to get to the bus stop), I take a couple minutes here and there to water, groom, and check the progress of my plants.  I'm happy to report they're doing well these days!

[easter cactus]

At about four years, this easter cactus is definitely the oldest of the plants of my modest potted garden.  Last April, when I moved into my apartment, I had to move it inside, and had quite a scare when all the leaves withered up and fell off!  I brought it to my mom's and repotted it there.  And though some of the  main stems dried up and died (background), a couple have survived and are producing new baby leaves!  Hope lives!


I saved some stems from pruning the mother kalanchoe plant at DC's in November, and merely six or seven weeks later, my cuttings are blooming!  Hooray!  I just found out that my mom has red and orange ones, so I may be taking a few more cuttings in the near future.

[christmas cactus]

Finally, the most pleasant surprise.  My mom gifted us each a christmas cactus last winter.  After my move I noticed that the leaves on mine stayed limp and wrinkled, even while the other plants improved. I'd given up hope ... and then glanced at it a week or so ago to find that it'd produced buds -- which is huge, since the easter cactus above hasn't done so the entire time I've had it.  I snapped a quick shot this morning: they're starting to get their color!  Looking forward to blooms soon!

That's the story of my gardening adventures.  My succulent terrarium and other cuttings are doing well (though they're suffering a bit in this cold weather and gloom), as are the spider plants, ivy, and geraniums (will I get flowers anytime soon?).  It's such a wonder to observe the tiniest change in these plants -- news leaves appearing, old ones falling off; buds forming, growing, blooming -- I feel like a proud mother indeed!

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