Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pho Ever

My cousin opened up a Vietnamese restaurant!  In Gardena!  It's called Pho Ever -- which will never cease to make us smile!  We went for my mom's birthday!  It was funny to see him and my dad nearly fighting over the bill!  I think my dad won!  We ate tons!  Check it out!

[goi vit = duck + pickled cabbage salad]

[cha gio = fried egg rolls]

[com bo dai han = korean beef + rice]

[pho tai gan = beef noodle soup w/ rare meat + tendon = my favorite]

The restaurant is entirely run by my cousin, his siblings, and their families.  The guys are waiting and bussing tables; the ladies are working the kitchen.  This is family cooking for reals.

I checked out the reviews on Yelp.  It's interesting when you know the person that everyone's talking about (they all say he's nice).  That's especially meaningful to me because not only is this cousin someone who used to live with us when I was very young (I barely remember), but he's the cousin who totally took care of me when I went to Vietnam a few years back.  He made me move to his house, loaned me a computer, and even gave me his mobile phone.  At the time, I thought, So much for my grand plan of independence, but even then I was truly grateful.  And will always be.

But enough of the emotional aside.  My parents have tried a bunch of dishes and totally vouch for them (and you know that family is the most critical of critics!).  If you're in South Bay area, give it a shot!

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