Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eating out: Memphis Cafe

I've known SarahG for years and have not been to one of her shows.  Decided to change that.  So: made plans to head down to the Anti-Mall (click link to The Artery) and see her work.  Also made plans to hang out with a dear old friend, who suggested dinner at Memphis Cafe.  In a word: delicious!

This place has been around for 15 years.  How could I not know about it while I was in these parts during my college years?!  Well, better late than never, I suppose.  But I suppose I can more readily afford it now, and have a drink along with the meal to boot.  So: better later than sooner, after all!

[memphis cafe interior]

[pulled pork sliders]

[buttermilk fried chicken]

I loved the casual hipster vibe, the mid-century decor, the open kitchen, and the sweet patio we spied on our way out -- that's where wi'll eat next time.  

Oh yes, there will be a next time.

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