Monday, July 19, 2010


An old college friend send out an email a few weeks ago, offering to buy tickets to see Inception at the Arclight Hollywood on its opening night.  What, all I have to do is show up?!  I hit Reply and typed, "I'm in!"

I arrived and got into the Cinedome as trailers were on (hooray for assigned seats!).  Then the lights dimmed and the movie started.  It was very complicated, nearly too much so.  And it got increasingly warm in the theater. 

We got to a seemingly telling part in the film: the part with Mal and the dollhouse... and... the screen flickered... and then went dark.  A moment of stunned silence, then shuffling, then talking, then getting up.  A couple of minutes pass, then someone comes to the front of the theater with a microphone.  "I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but the show has been cancelled due to an A/C problem."

If he gave any more instruction it was lost in the sound of voices, full volume now, expressing their disbelief, disappointment, and desire to get out of the infernal theater.  We, too, left in the wave of people -- only to wait in line at Guest Services to get our refunds.  I opted out of going to a bar with my friends, but still didn't manage to get home until past 11:30.  I still don't know how the movie ends, so please don't tell me! 

Two good things:  (1) Maybe I can understand it better by watching the first half again; (2) Thank goodness there is an Arclight theater closer to me now, no more truckin' to Hollywood!  Anyone up to see Inception in the near future?!


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