Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Projects: progress +

Summer's about halfway over and I've managed to put a small dent into my Summer Projects list.  Summer Picnic Club is going well; my tomato plant is being tended; I'm growing more herb cuttings; and my nails are going to be painted again tonight.  Setting up my craft corner and putting up art are going to be put on hold in favor of helping with my brother and SIL's living room... but I am still determined to complete the sewing projects.

[two champions]

[basil, lavender, mint; hang in there, rosemary!]

I've actually added some projects, too: on the crafty front -- a cross-stitch, already started; and a new knitting project to reduce some of my stash.


Reading: The Omnivore's Dilemma.  (Finished A Farewell to Arms in Kaua'i.  Sad, but I really liked it.)

And letter-writing.  I went through my postcard stash and found some that have gone unsent from as far back as 2000 -- the year I graduated university!  Yikes.

[unsent postcards]

I also have a bunch that were purchased when I studied abroad in England -- over 12 years ago! -- as well as a whole bunch I've picked up at museums and during travels over the past decade or so, and ones that I've received as gifts from Japan.  My goal is to write at least one postcard or letter each week -- and send it out, too.  Better get my inks out and start crackin'.

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