Friday, August 14, 2009


Tons of traffic made the drive down to the Bay Area much longer than it's meant to take.  But when we finally got to Alameda, the salty breeze in the air -- and a hearty lunch -- restored our spirits.  We fell into a food coma and had a slumbering siesta well into the afternoon.

shoreline walk

The smell of a neighbor's bbq wafting through the open windows roused us.  We took a long walk down the shoreline and through a nearby lagoon area where each of the houses had its own deck and dock, with rowboats and canoes and the like.  Willow trees, ducks, yards with grassy knolls.  It was idyllic.


shadows   mini fields

The walk really worked up our appetites -- we could hardly wait for the pizza to be ready!  Thank goodness the trip back from there wasn't too long.  DC had seen "The Ramen Girl" on a plane during a recent trip, so we rented it because he thought I'd like it.  The story line was so-so, but the scenery made me nostalgic for Japan.  Though I didn't notice it at the time, DC later said that I genuinely laughed a lot as we were watching it!

What a lovely wind-down to our busy weekend!  Just what we needed to power-up for the six-hour-straight-shot back down to SoCal.

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