Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ruffly waistband

Recently my blogsurfing has taken a turn away from knitters to sewers and fabric crafters.  Through several meanderings I discovered this blog, which is simply a delightful read.  Rachel's got crafts and cooking down pat, as well as a great eye for photography.  She's posted a few ruffly headbands, and after seeing the post on 100 Layer Cake, I decided to make a ruffly waistband to wear with a LBD I have.  With five weddings attended and four to go before year's end, my dress selection is getting scant; it's high time to get creative!

The wedding was last Friday, and what with the shorter week and preparing for the road trip up to Sacramento, it's quite a miracle I got to making this at all!  Luckily I had a couple fabrics in stash that I knew I wanted to use; the only thing I had to go out and get was the 2" grosgrain ribbon.

On Wednesday night, after preparing road trip goodies (guac + chips, hard-boiled eggs, edamame), making sure my camera battery was charged, and packing everything to take to work (I'd be leaving from the office) the next day, I sat down with my fabrics, ribbon, scissors, needle, and thread, and got to work.  My circles were all different sizes, and I layered the fabrics randomly -- sheer over sheer, solid over solid, sheer over solid, solid over sheer -- and sewed them down in random order as well.  I don't remember exactly how many circles I cut of each fabric, but I'd estimate about 30 sheer and 24 solid.  The final size of the ruffle blossom is about five inches.  Overall, it took about four hours.  I'm sure the time would diminish with more practice.  Et voila:

ruffly waistband 2

I'd purchased a light pink fabric, but decided against adding  it in favor of keeping the color scheme monochromatic.  I like how the sheer fabric adds just the right amount of bling to the whole blossom.  You can see that the ends are already starting to fray, but I kind of like that unfinished look, too.  And, hopefully, this isn't going to get tossed around so much that the ends'll ever get too bad!

I tied a small bow at one end of the ruffle-blossom, and slid it over to the side.  The full-length shots I took at the wedding came out blurry, so all I can offer is this one, taken awkwardly as I was sitting down.  But you kinda get the idea, right?

ruffly waistband

The ruffly waistband totally made my plain ol' dress -- which I usually wear to work! -- so much more wedding-apropriate. DC was impressed, too! 

Wanna make your own?  You can find the tutorial here.  Thank you, Rachel!

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