Thursday, August 6, 2009

Freshcut: minty version

On a roll from my recent experiment with the hydrangea cuttings, I remembered that my mother has some spearmint in her backyard that she swears has a lemon scent.  When I was at my folks' house last week, I pinched a couple of stems and brought them home to attempt to finally start my herb garden.

spearmint cuttings

Looks good so far.  In the past week I've seen mini mint leaves sprout.  These small-scale-even-I-can-do-it summer projects are my little happinesses.  My little pots of cuttings are my go-to in the morning as I'm preparing coffee or packing my lunch, as well as in the evening right after I've set my work bags down.  See?  It doesn't take much!

Wanna know what I did with all the mint leaves I plucked off the stems?  Stay tuned for another summer happiness!

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