Saturday, August 22, 2009

Giant, gorgeous getaway

The lack of posting has been due to the preparing for yet another trip.  With the entire family.  Our first in years.  My first time to Maui.  First time to Hawaii since age six.

Our flight was delayed an hour.  Which all adds up when one accounts for: shuttling to the car rental place: waiting in line:  driving 45 minutes to our destination:  stopping at the supermarket.  For the half who did not fly First Class.  Were very hungry.  And all were tired.

A quick meal (and beers) were quickly consumed.  Bed was fallen into.

And this morning, here is the view that was woken up to:


Our 'troubles' have been forgotten.  We'll be here for a week.  A.  Very.  Good.  Week.  Aloha!


  1. Man, that ocean is the prettiest blue ever. Glad you had a memorable time with your fam!

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