Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It's no secret that hydrangeas are among, and may well be absolutely, my favorites. I spotted a large bush in a corner of Le Chef's backyard, and requested a few globes to bring home.  He happily grabbed the pruners and obliged.  I chose three just-beyond-their-prime stems:

IMG_2517[freshly cut stems]

IMG_2520[ at home, top view]

IMG_2523[at home, side view]

IMG_2519[at home, close up]

I like how antiqued the flowers look, the purples, blues, and greens singed a bit with brown at some of the tips. 

I also trimmed a few of the cuttings and planted them in some fresh potting soil.  Et voila:

cuttings[grow, little ones!]

Now, a week or so later, the buds are starting to get a bit greener and have grown a teeny, tiny bit.  I've put the pot on my dining table, which gets a bath of morning light every day, have kept the soil moist, and give it a few encouraging words each day.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll survive a four-day absence this (long, for me) weekend.  If not, I know where to go for more!

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