Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tumbling home

Getting to the Metro station after work involves going down a steep incline.  And today, I took a bit of a tumble when the sole of my flats slipped on the concrete sidewalk.  I didn't notice the scratch on my hand till this evening.

[wrist owie]

Having bumped my knee when I fell, I knew there'd be a mark; sure enough, I found it:

[knee owie]

Well, I am grateful that there were no further injuries, no sprains, and no blood drawn.  I'm also thankful for the nice person who asked if I was okay and proceeded to joke a bit about it to make me feel less embarrassed.  So much for wearing flats.  From tomorrow, it's going to be my trusty Jack Purcells -- at least until I can find a more professional-looking alternative.  I just don't want to join the slacks-and-running-shoes club.  But, ah, the perils of public transport may have their way with my fashion points after all...

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