Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aunty Em's

Far from being a new-to-me restaurant, Auntie Em's is an old favorite.  A friend of mine knows the owner, and after sampling some of the red velvet cupcakes we decided to check out the menu as well.  This was a few years ago, before AE's became really famous and the wait was less than 15 minutes.  After a couple times of having to wait upwards of 30 minutes, the frequency of our visits decreased.

It was really by chance that DC and I stopped by for lunch last weekend; we were intending to go elsewhere but passed by and saw that there was no line outside.  Seating was immediate -- did you know they have a back patio area now?  Perhaps it's a new addition for the summer, or to meet the demands of their growth.  It was nice to be outside, sheltered from the sun, and not facing the noise and traffic of street-side dining.

[from patio, looking in]

[caprese scramble]

[veggie quiche]

The food was just what we needed: savory yet simple; with coffee and iced tea, respectively, it was an enjoyable summer lunch.  Have you had your Auntie Em's lately?


  1. thanks for letting us know all of the restaurants that you tried. would love to eat there too. thanks JD

  2. CS and I went there this morning for breakfast! Red Velvet there is still my favoritest!!! :-D