Tuesday, August 10, 2010

California Science Center

D riving to LA from OC doesn't happen so often for me, so when the day came for the trek, I wanted to make the most of it.  My good friend works at the California Science Center and gave us the best hook-up -- lucky!

There were a lot of tourists and families at the CSC, but we arrived about 15 minutes before closing.  We walked around just a couple of sights, more observing and enjoying the space more than anything else.  When the center closed, we got a private tour of the exhibitions, which are very interactive and well-done.  It was such a treat to explore everything on our own!

[california science center, front]

I enjoyed having my picture taken on a fake camel in the Egyptian technologies exhibit, and in the Living Trees one I got to dress up as a squirred (the costume was a bit tight on me since it is intended for children).  Here's one under the infrared device.  There's a switch that activates heat lamps, which change how you look on the screen.  Very cool!

[me in infrared]

The grand finale was some time hanging out in the aquarium -- which is really for kelp harvesting.  You can look up and see to the outside of the building!  I liked watching and snapping pictures of the school of sardines.  This is one of the 20 or so pictures I took.

[csc aquarium]

The last time I came to Exposition Park was probably in elementary school.  It was fun to 'rediscover' it again.  Now I'd like to come back and visit the Natural History and Aerospace Museums.  Anyone up for a field trip?!

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